Has module selection by mouse click changed?

I used to be able to just click-and-hold on a module and move it in one go–it was awesome. Now, when I click, the module is shaded red, and if I hold and move the mouse, it selects more modules. I haven’t changed anything that I’m aware of in the settings on my computer or in VCV–my mouse driver is the same, the mouse is the same, the settings on the mouse are the same, and mouse behavior in all other programs I’ve tested is the same. I’m trying to figure out what’s caused this change in behavior and change it back. Windows 10 (can give more info if needed). Amazing how this small difference really frustrates the workflow. Any ideas what to check? Thanks in advance!

Did you change “Lock positions” by accident ?


Bless you! Yes–somehow that did get changed! Thank you so much!