Greetings from a non-musician

I have been lurking in the background for more than 6 months and thought its time I said ‘Hi’ - so ‘Hi’.
As the title says, I am a not a musician - I can barely type with two fingers let alone play a keyboard or strum a guitar or vaguely remember which notes make a chord. But I have been fascinated with drone/electronic/ambient music for years. Drone Zone at SOMAFM along with a few other internet radios have been a life line to me.

Under my linux system I had dabbled with various DAWs/VSTs/managers etc and lost my mind over Jack Audio with Pulseaudio and midi connections. But I survived. I got hooked again with modular with Kirsty Roland’s XSRDO but that seems to have stopped development. But VCV Rack re-hooked me again (my interest goes in cycles :wink: ) .

I have watched many tuts from the usual suspects and believe I can one day make great “whoop whoop beep beep” music too by routing module A into module B and sticking a low pass filter in the mix somewhere.

Regards from humid Australia,



I felt like I was reading my own introduction when I read yours, right down the the lack of typing skills and the Drone Zone reference. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.



Hi Jon and thanks.

But I just knew it!! I posted my intro in the wrong place. It takes me forever to explore and learn forum rules.

On with the show :grimacing:

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