Great weird Jakub Ciupinski tutorial


Wow, that’s actually amazing ! I’m still only in the first seconds, and i have absolutely no idea how that works !!! But OMG this sounds great, i gotta learn the secrets of this !

Ok, so watched all. Man, this guy really is a Rack Wizard like no other…

Btw, i would love if someone could explain me the “yaiii” setup a bit more ? I really like that sound, but i’m not sure how to reproduce it

(edit : His bitcrush video explains how to do the Yaii, but i’m still not sure how he achieved it with the filters ! )

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I mean… It’s just…

I’m speechless.

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Sometimes I’m tempted to get into physical modular synths, and then I see stuff like this. I wonder how much it would cost to replicate that patch faithfully with hardware.

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i think the craziest part is in his videos he uses mostly the fundamental modules for these techniques.

i saw a comment on one of his videos that gave some info from his bio. heres a link to the same info. definitely musically gifted.


I’m binge watching his vids now lol. As soon as i’ve some free time i’ll experiment with his techniques :clap:


He’s the Picasso of Rack!

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his “supercharge your vcf” video is one of my favorites that utilize the fundamentals so far.

I tried, but ran out of fuel on last 2 rows VCF - swiss army knife.vcv (175.9 KB)

I’m always saying how good these modules are.


I just watched his video on using mixers as filters. I quickly went back to being a NOOB.


agreed, literally he is opening a new entire universe with the fundamentals modules to me

Thanks has to go to Jakub for that patch. A great tutorial on things, I did not know existed in such a simple module!

i think the craziest part is in his videos he uses mostly the fundamental modules for these techniques.

That’s not so crazy. The Fundamental modules really are very good.

I immensely respect the skill and creativity involved in these tutorials, there is great value in them, but I believe many of the tricks in these videos may unfortunately be sample rate dependent though, meaning that they are not likely to sound the same at different sample rates. I’m mentioning this the most constructive way possible, not as a critique of the very cool techniques being brought forth, which I would never be able to think of myself.

do you mean the sample rate must be very high? I can see in the latest video that his audio-8 module has a 48k sample rate, but of course I do not see the engine sample rate.

The “let’s make a filter out of mixers via feedback and unit delay” video also is at 48KHz rate. Nothing too CPU rude.

Enjoyed every Video. Super interesting approach. Omri is the Bob Ross and Mr. Ciupiński the mad scientist of VCV Rack.


I don’t think that’s what Marc means - more that what might work to produce a certain effect/result at 48k won’t necessarily work at 44.1k or 96k for example.

I think Marc is only mentioning this because most things you do in Rack are not affected by the sample rate - ie they will likely sound the same at different sample rates.