Grayscale Supercell

This thing looks like it is just made for VCV Rack. :wink:

Any plans? @vortico @sempervirent


It’s planned, but first Grayscale Permutation + Variant and Algorhythm updates/improvements.


Coming soon, just getting some minor Algorhythm bugs fixed and adding missing features.


Hi @sempervirent,

I looked for a post to relate the issue I have with Supercell, but I didn’t found one, so, sorry if this is not the appropriate channel.

I have constant audio clicking while using Beat Repeat mode. I really tried every parameter possible to avoid the audio clicks when the repeater is active and tried very hard to mitigate those, but they are much louder than the sounds passing thru. My buffers are set to max and I don’t have any clicking issue usually. It makes this mode close to unusable, but I’d mostly put this mode on mostly every rack I save if it wouldn’t emit such noises.

Is there a possible way to fix this on my end ?