Grayscale Algorhythm: always set to off when opening patch

I’ve just started playing with Algorhythm but I can’t find a way for it to play by default when I re-open a patch, it is always set to off so I have to start it manually. According to the manual I can do this via the State input but I’m a bit confused about how to make it work, I have tried to use Clocked’s run, bpm, reset but nothing makes it play when patch is reloaded. What am I doing wrong?

try this:17 Algo Start.vcv (3.1 KB)

There was a similar issue with VCV PulseMatrix, which was fixed by Andrew a while back, so perhaps it could be done with Algorhythm too.


That works, thanks. I don’t really understand why though, constant voltage is on and no voltage is off?