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Hello dear community,

I am currently looking for the different components to create my new desktop computer, I’m running pretty heavy patches (bridged into Live10-11), I’m leaning i7-9700k processor I would like to have your opinion about the graphics card, which range would be wise to purchase. My price range is up to 150$ (2020+ component, or before if extraordinary GPU) :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback


I have always believed that any current of even introductory “gaming GPU” is all the Rack needs. After that it’s all CPU. Personally, I would go to one of those sites that lists “the best” and look for the best gaming card in your price range.

Others who know more about this will probably chime in soon.

Here’s what the manual says:

Operating system: MacOS 10.7+, Windows 7+, or Linux (such as Ubuntu 16.04+)
CPU: Intel/AMD 64-bit processor from ~2011 or later
Graphics: Dedicated graphics card from ~2013 or later with the latest driver software update:
Nvidia drivers
AMD drivers
Intel drivers. Integrated (non-dedicated) graphics such as Intel HD/Iris are not recommended and cause significantly increased CPU usage.
Disk space: 1GB

Of course those are “minimum requirements”.


Well, there is no graphics card available at the moment. That will be the problem. There is simply no used or new graphics card which is not massively overprized at the moment. Here in Europe you can get an NVIDIA 1650 Card (low end gaming / 4GB RAM) for 269,- Euro and that is a card from early 2019. I would buy the cheapest card you can get at the moment (for exampe a GT710 with 2GB for around 45€) and put more money into the CPU or RAM. I use an AMD 5600x (around 330€) which is a beast and works very well with VCV with all 6 cores enabled.

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Thanks for your advices, really help ! :slight_smile: I’ll go for a cheap GPU for now ! I still can’t decide to choose my CPU : Any of you got the i7-9700k (or kf because i’ll buy a GPU so kf is cheaper) or the i7-10700k (or kf, this one is more recent with 8cores 16 threads instead of 8cores 8 threads for the 9700) My heart swings between the two, I just wonder if more threads is really a good idea for 100 euros more…

The 10700 does hyperthreading (HT), that are the 8 extra threads. And since HT is not really useful in any audio-workflow, I would go with the 9700KF. It should give you the same performance.