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Binary Dreams

Hello Rackerz

Today is the experiment day. Yesterday we get a completly new modules pack for VCV Rack called “Count Modulo”. This time I recorded my little experiment with two modules: Binary Sequencer and Polyrythmic Generator.

binary dreams.vcv (53.0 KB)

Wind Travellers

Hi Rackerz

Today I made this video and explore again new modules from Count Modulo. Again Binary Sequencer. Why? Because this is my favorite one from this plugin.

wind travellers.vcv (66.5 KB)


I really like those sweet sounding sequences Mateusz! Nice.

Surfing Gravity Waves

Hello Rackerz. It’s too hot to write something about this video. There is lots of light energy. Im used my old Axiom 49 midi keyboard controller from M-Audio to manage some parameters and volume. There is some kind of spoilers because I used new 8 step trigger sequencer module from upcoming Count Modula version 6.0.3. This new sequencer have a big 16 step brother.

Surfing Gravity Waves.vcv (50.8 KB)

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On the steam train across the Galaxy - Patch from Scratch

Hello Rackerz.

Today I present my “little” patch from scratch. Outside my home It’s still hot like in hell. So if you want take off the Earth I propose to you a long voyage on steam train accros the Galaxy. There are still lots of vacancies in the compartments and the train manager has been lost somewhere so there is no one to check tickets. :smiley:

On the steam train across the Galaxy - Patch from Scratch.vcv (57.2 KB)

What if?

What if? This last question very often appears in my mind. While outside the home embers raining down from the sky beginning to wonder how it will all look like in several years. Is the next generation of forgive us and this is what state have brought to our planet.

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Night in the city - experiment n#01

Hi Rackerz.
Another experiment in development verion of new v! VCV Rzck.I explored some polyphonics inside and tested new upcoming features. And It’s hard to say I need to expand (upgrade) my hard stuff in the near future. Or maybe it is too early to say that. BTW it looks great and I love this many little things inside. It’s works together very nice and make our work easier. Thank you Andrew. And thanks for all Rack plugins developers - Thank you Guys.

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Pray for rain - Three modules contest patch

Hello my dear Rackerz

Today i presents this little one patch. This time, I totally let myself be carried away by the stream of consciousness. Three modules: midi-cv, incubus, plateau and nothing more. Only me and black and white keys, without any additions. This is probably the result of these subtropical heat in the center of Europe. Heat is pouring from the sky and I think how to cool down here. So it’s time for prayer to the gods, higher forces, whatever is beyond our comprehension. I should add that the new Vult incubus has polyphony. Yeey !!! So it’s also a prayer to Vultan for a bit of rain.

Komeda on steroids :smiley:

Hey Rackerz

This is my first time with new Simpliciter from Pyer & NYSTHI cooperative team. In this patch I use some record from my old vinyl. I was recorded this two year ago from my gramophone. this is a fragment of “Ballet Etudes” by Krzysztof Komeda.


Krzysztof Komeda, responsible Krzysztof Trzciński (born on April 27, 1931 in Poznań, died on April 23, 1969 in Warsaw) - Polish composer and jazz pianist, creator of world-renowned jazz standards and film music. A pioneer of modern jazz in Poland. Most often he performed with his own sextet (founded in 1956). He wrote music for 65 films. The first film illustrated musically by Komeda was a film etude by Roman Polański, Two People with a Wardrobe (1958), and the director’s last film - Rosemary’s Baby (USA, 1968), with the famous “Lullaby” as the leitmotif. Laryngologist doctor by profession.

As a jazz musician, he had an important influence on the formation of the original style, described as the Polish jazz school, which after the artist’s tragic death influenced the development of the international jazz scene, especially the avant-garde of the 70s of the twentieth century centered around the ECM publishing house.

Music for stormy weather

Hi Rackerz

Storm gone mad outside window. Old Gods take chariots rides over the clouds. Cuple days ago I publish a little pray to Vultan for the rain. Now its raining :slight_smile: Thanks Vultan. This patch are still in develop.


sounds like a warm plucked spanish acoustic guitar - nice work!

Ticket to Andromeda

Hello Rackerz

So this time I present my first patch with new Stellare Modular modules called “Creative Suite”. Two Andromeda modules reandomly generate sounds in my favorite vst external plugin from Spitfire Audio Labs. In this case I use two different soundpack to make some unexpected sounds. Azular for geneate drums. Four Nomalia modules and Sigma generate nice base to glue everything. Cheers!!

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Studied to this ! Thanks for the good vibes :slight_smile: Really natural sounding and appeasing :slight_smile:

Fae dance under the starlight

Hello my dear Rackerz

This time my little project. This is rather a development of my old project which was created as part of the Very Cool Patch for its 19 edition, about eight months ago. I called him “Meadow.” link to this old project at the end of this movie. Cheers

link to my old video :

Edit: I try to fix this patch because in 3 row signals from three basal are merged to poly signal and after Tangent filter they must a splited again (in my first concept i forgot about this - thanks Denis Tercier for noticed me this). My mistake. I post here my patch files corected this. For now I cant make corected video (my potato computer protest a little :). Sorry Guys

Fae dance under the starlight - fix.vcv (903.8 KB)

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Hi Rackerz

Its too hot to make something VCV. The contacts on the synapses are disconnected. I dream about a bathtub filled with cool liquid. Cheers!

Stay cool Mat! Have a cold one :beer: :slight_smile:


That’s a really nice patch with some great sounds Mateusz!

Multiply Dimensions

Hello Rackerz

This is my second patch to participate in KlirrFactory giveaway. I use new Pico Drums module from Erica Synths great job Raphaël Hoffman. I hope you enjoy listening this one patch. Cheers!

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Repelzen Decline

Hi Rackoons Girlz and Boyzz

This is my first patch with new Decline Vult modules (marvelous new Leonardo module) and of course there must new (beta version) Apelzen modules renamed and reactivated by Pyer and Ben de Groot - its called Repelzen. My favorite Rewin (Erwin before) quantizer, Rexmix and Refold. Thank you Guys for your great work.

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Repelzen Decline - Final version with Pico Drums by Erica Synths

Hey Rackoons Girlzzz and Boyzzz

This is a Final version of my previous movie patch. Added some drums (from Erica Synths - Pico Drums module) and glueling everything by one Basal module from Vult. So I wish you a good weekend and looooots of time for freely patching with VCV Rack of course :D.

Patchstorage :