Ghalebor - VCV Rack music nest

Ok thanks for information @marc_boule . Heh need some times to accept these changes. Lots of exercise before me and fights with “old behaviour”. :smiley:

I tested these new settings well. Everything works as it should be, and probably is somehow a more intuitive. Although you have to be careful when clicking. But it can be practiced. Cheers @marc_boule

Wow! this is fantastic, you had me with that gating effect at the beginning, and just got better & better!

Sunday patch - Heyy Guuuuyyyyzzz!!!

Hey Rackerzzzzz. :smiley:

Leazy Sunday gone. So I make this little patch to celebrate first meeting of first meeting of a group addicted to VCV Rack on Superbooth 19.

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VCP-31 Starlight Dream

Hi Rackerz

Today(tonight) I presents my entry to Very Cool Patch Challenge no. 31 manage by Ben de Groot aka. Ablaut. In this time rules of contest is use mid/side matrix from aP-Modules.

vcp-31 Starlights dreams.vcv (90.9 KB)

Patchstorage :

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Saturday patch - Quantum Sequencer

Hello Rackerz

Today I presents my first patch with Quantum Multiverse & Sequencer pack from ML-Modules. Martin Leuders Many thanks to You for these modules. I am sure that there is still a lot of fun with these modules waiting for me. many interesting sonic discoveries etc. I must also thank Omri Cohen for his brilliant tutorial about all ML-Modules.

QuantumSequencer.vcv (94.1 KB)

:grin: Really nice patch Mateusz, made me smile, great sounds!

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Really interesting patch Mateusz, fantastic soundscape you made there!

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Thanks @LarsBjerregaard I’m glad that you like this. I’ve made that for fun and for experiment with sounds.

Vacation on phased world

Hello Rackerz.

Today patch baseg on Quantum Multiverse and Analog Sequencer both from ML premium packs. Thiese modules are great Martin. Brilliant work. This time I made something simple and easy to listen.


Really nice piece Mateusz, I really like it!

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Polyphon Voyages - Saturday Spoiler time!!

Hello Rackerz

Today a little patch made on pre VCV Rack version. Today Im testing new module Energy (Ring modulator) from upcoming Geodesics v1 pack (Pierre Collard & Marc Boulé Energy looks great. I have a little time to play & fun with this little one monster. This little guy are still in develop mode and it can be change in the future. And of course new polyphonic feature in Martin Lueders modules - Yeey!!! polyphonic Quantum with Shift Register are awesome. Thank you Martin. This is great. So watch and enjoy my movie and don’t kill me for this pack of spoilers :D. Cya in my next video.
If You want more like this video please subscribe my channel on YT :smile:


Hello Rackerz.

This time I tested new modules from Count Modulo (Binary sequencer and Shepard generator module) and of course newsest module from Squinky Labs. a Ladder filter Stairway. Both modules are awesome. Binary Sequencer have also an inverted out - this is a very cool feature. So if you enjoy this little patch movie don’t forget click the ok button if you like this. Or if want see more you can subscribe my channel. See You in my next movie.

Sequinox.vcv (66.9 KB)


Sequinox part 2 :smiley:

Binary Dreams

Hello Rackerz

Today is the experiment day. Yesterday we get a completly new modules pack for VCV Rack called “Count Modulo”. This time I recorded my little experiment with two modules: Binary Sequencer and Polyrythmic Generator.

binary dreams.vcv (53.0 KB)

Wind Travellers

Hi Rackerz

Today I made this video and explore again new modules from Count Modulo. Again Binary Sequencer. Why? Because this is my favorite one from this plugin.

wind travellers.vcv (66.5 KB)


I really like those sweet sounding sequences Mateusz! Nice.

Surfing Gravity Waves

Hello Rackerz. It’s too hot to write something about this video. There is lots of light energy. Im used my old Axiom 49 midi keyboard controller from M-Audio to manage some parameters and volume. There is some kind of spoilers because I used new 8 step trigger sequencer module from upcoming Count Modula version 6.0.3. This new sequencer have a big 16 step brother.

Surfing Gravity Waves.vcv (50.8 KB)

On the steam train across the Galaxy - Patch from Scratch

Hello Rackerz.

Today I present my “little” patch from scratch. Outside my home It’s still hot like in hell. So if you want take off the Earth I propose to you a long voyage on steam train accros the Galaxy. There are still lots of vacancies in the compartments and the train manager has been lost somewhere so there is no one to check tickets. :smiley:

On the steam train across the Galaxy - Patch from Scratch.vcv (57.2 KB)

What if?

What if? This last question very often appears in my mind. While outside the home embers raining down from the sky beginning to wonder how it will all look like in several years. Is the next generation of forgive us and this is what state have brought to our planet.

Night in the city - experiment n#01

Hi Rackerz.
Another experiment in development verion of new v! VCV Rzck.I explored some polyphonics inside and tested new upcoming features. And It’s hard to say I need to expand (upgrade) my hard stuff in the near future. Or maybe it is too early to say that. BTW it looks great and I love this many little things inside. It’s works together very nice and make our work easier. Thank you Andrew. And thanks for all Rack plugins developers - Thank you Guys.