Ghalebor - Bottom Drawer Designs

I have an idea for a new project. I don’t have much time to compose at the moment. Unfortunately, Life sucks. I decided to successively restore my old projects from the older version of VCVRack. At the moment I have no idea for the name of this project. The provisional name is “Ghalebor - Bottom Drawer Designs” So expect “new” old designs soon. Meanwhile, happy peaceful holidays to all of you. See you soon. Cheers.

Today I present upgraded for VCVRack 1.1.6 my old patch “Underskin world” – Ambient patch no#5. from 2019 year. Cheers.

Thanks to Elevated Cosmonaut who remembered me about this patch. Thanks & Cheers

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Engaging build-up along with that heartbeat-like rhythm :+1:

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