Getting .wavs out

I know I’m a noob and will be for a while. I know my brand new pc is probably obsolete already. And worst of all, I know someone’s answered this question but I am sick of searching.

I just want to record a few seconds of mixer output, that I might open in another program or DAW without using hardware. I’ve tried nsynthi recorders and can’t seem to suss them out. Can someone please make a recommendation with only limited slagging of my stupid question. I feel like my sounds are trapped in vcv, dying to be free and sampled into, well, samplers.

I really feel like Alec Leamus at Checkpoint Charlie, waiting for one of my Joes to come across from the East. Someone has to get that reference. Analog synths and the cold war go hand in hand.

it’s pretty simple, also doesn’t record audio glitches, unless they are intentional :smiley:


I have used NYSTHI Multitrack recorder, just a matter of cabling the sound sources you want to record from the ‘Out’ sockets.

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unless games, I have tried to record a video with VCV Recorder but it just crashed my VCV Rack, not tried it for audio though.

@ady34 seeing other comments from you, it seems like your system is crashing a bit too much, which isn’t normal. Have you been researching the cause? does it also happen with non-music software? are your graphic drivers and Os up to date?

Thanks for your concern, I have just done a HP Optimize clean up/performance procedure, see if that makes a difference. My Laptop has reached the grand old age of 3 1/2, so is going into the terrible 3s of its lifespan maybe. Just updated drivers for Graphics as well.

Cheers, mate.

I cant seem to suss out how to get wav files out of nsynthi kit. Like, I tell it what file to save to, but I never get that file to reappear. I’m about ready to use an akai external sampler, because it makes more sense to my cro magnon, rock-beating brain.

Any advice?

To be fair I’ve only used the MasterRecorder2 from Nysthi to record, after choosing destination file in the context menu, it saves a file with the name of the current patch and the date whenever I press stop (after pressing start :)), maybe you look in the wrong folder or have some issue with write access in the folder you’ve chosen.

But since the VCV Recorder came out, I haven’t used anything else to record. The aformentioned fact that it doesn’t record the occasional hiccups in audio is enough for me to not look back. I mostly just use Nysthi modules for playback only now, although pre-record mode in Simpliciter is cool, or the multitrack/poly recorders might be useful if you need that!

for Linux users I highly recommend Cadence Render

It allow jack Transport Synchronization (or not)
realtime and Freewheel Render for audio without pop, click or Xrun

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