Getting started - graphics issues?

Hello, I just installed VCV Rack 2 with much enthusiasm, but something seems off when I open it up. I am running it on Windows 7 with a GeForce GTX 660 Ti. Apparently these drivers are up to date. Can someone please help me troubleshoot this? Here’s the screen I see:

Turn up your Room Brightness;

Turn the lights on!

Room brightness at 100%, I still don’t see the outlines of modules. Or maybe this is how it’s supposed to look??

Which version du you use? Maybe try an older version of VCV Rack?

This VCV Rack Free 2.0.6. I can try an older version, but where I can find that?

This version should work … here are other versions listing directory /downloads/

What happens if you change the room brightness?

If your graphics card has utilities running, try disabling them.

(wild guess, geforce 660 / EVGA Precision X had problems with the EA Games Origin launcher/overlay)

also, contact VCV support, they may be able to help.

VCV - Support

In advance, grab info about your OpenGL version, using glview

VCV Rack 2 minimum graphics hardware requirements are listed as “Graphics: Dedicated Nvidia/AMD graphics card from 2013 or later with recent driver update”. GeForce GTX 660 Ti launched on August 16th, 2012

You may have DanT’s Bright Idea module in there somewhere - find it and disable it.

This is what I was afraid of. I was hoping that my card would still be usable, since it’s a decent card.

I don’t see this module listed. I haven’t installed any extra modules, and it’s a little tricky to navigate since I can’t see things correctly and I haven’t properly used this program yet.

Do you see a light spot around your mouse pointer like on the screenshot?

If not, I would say the problem is the graphics card.

Nope, I don’t see that when I move my mouse around.

If all else fails you could try this :

Maybe download and try Rack version 1.1.6. This version comes without the room brightness feature. I’m just curios if it works on your graphics card. If i works, I could compile a version 2.0.6 with room brightness disabled.

1.1.6 seems to have the same problem for me:

I’ll bet $5 it’s a graphics hardware / gfx driver issue of some sort. We’ve seen this kind of thing over the years. Any chance of borrowing / recycling a more recent video card? I usually give away my old hardware…


It kind of looks like it’s not rendering any SVGs. The fronts of modules and the “rails” of the backdrop are all SVG.

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Thanks for your guess. Now I know what’s going on/wrong.

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Another possibility is a failure in the offscreen buffering. A lot of the time, svgs in vcvrack are rendered as bitmaps into separate buffers, then those bitmaps would be rendered to the main view.