getting rid of luppolo3 clicks?

I am trying to get rid of the clicks coming from luppolo3. I think its just from where it chops off the loop.

  • I have tried an envelope with a delay
  • I have tried eq-ing it out
  • I have tried ignoring it
  • I have tried emailing the dev but still waiting to hear back.


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And that didn’t work ? :stuck_out_tongue:


It mostly works. It’s not the worst sound. :rofl:

It reminds me of the opening of this song

Can you provide an example?

Would a patch help or a video?

I think both should work :slight_smile:

I took a look at the code of the module. I think any clicks are caused by the lack of slewing start/end of the audio or “zero-crossing handling” (not sure how this is called properly).

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That’s exactly what I thought was happening. Always when i switch rec/play mode. I made a patch and video if it’s still useful?

Maybe i can do some sort of crossfade thing when i switch modes…

No, I don’t think an example is necessary anymore. Fixing the code is probably faster than working around this with other modules…

Probably just some interpolation?

I will go the postal service route…

Adding an dsp::SlewLimiter with a step slope should fix it.


Well maybe I will fix it if i am bothered enough. Thank you for your help. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, there have always been a lot of plugins around that do this. The most infamous examples are mixers that have a “mute” feature with no slewing on the CV, When we “stole” the AS mixer and “fixed” it that’s one of the things we fixed.

There are several multi channel slew plugins that are really good. Our Slade is one, but I remember back at the time there was already one that was very good (perhaps better than ours) but I forget what it was. Bogaudio had a nice one if you only need one channel.

It’s attractive to do this as a multi channel module, as it’s super easy to use SIMD to do four in parallel. At least if they are just simple low pass filters like ours are.

a simple solution is to add in the chain a sample delayer (not a time delayer), of let’s say, SR/1000 (at 44.1kHz will be 44 samples) and crossafader (from 0 to sample for the fadeIn in un msec and from sample to 0 for the fadeout)

more complex is to have a minBLEP module into the delayer, with the smoother activated with a trig when there is a transition between start and stop

no, I won’t do it any of the 3… :smiley: but the @Squinky team is very minBlep expert and can confirm my idea !


I will pay you $1 if you fix this for me :slightly_smiling_face: or i can pay by making another squinky patch

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