George Locke music and patches

Lately, I’ve been interested in making synthetic sounds to mimic field recordings. The greatest difficulty is mimicing the random dynamics, and this effort is only partially successful. I had a goal in mind of making a scraping sound, but it turned out more drippy and crackly. I present it as an experiment in sound design rather than a finished piece of music.

Patch notes in the description on YT.

cloud_crackle.vcv (70.5 KB)

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Hello George! Thank you for posting this music almost as beautiful as the 99 names of Allah :slight_smile:

You wouldn’t happen to be a Keith Rowe fan by any chance? Or Floating Points? Or Line Imprint? Or “EAI”? Or Dragon’s Eye? Or Emra Grid?

Peace and faith be upon you :slight_smile:

Sounds good but wouldn’t it be easier to take a [tape] recorder and do some field recordings? Then turn that into a wav and put it into a sampler. Not complaining just trying to be practical sort of!

I know what you mean but I’ve done a few similar patches and I find the exercise rewarding and learning about what VCV can do is never dull :slight_smile:

If you can recommend hardware that would allow me to record ambience with low noise at a reasonable cost, I’d be interested.

The plasticity of synthesis, i.e. the power I have to control it, is very attractive. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of creating something never before heard/seen, unidentifiable.

Well there are contact mics but they are hard to acquire I believe. Especially for no noise interference, so probably out of price range for us mere mortals. So u are probably better trying to create the noiseless environments with something like Supercell. However there are very few modules that don’t add some ‘colour’ to the sound, is sound ever pure?

I have a contact mic but haven’t used it much, at least not recently. Contact mics are excellent for sound isolation, but of course they won’t record everything.

If I’m trying to record something like “morning sounds” or such like, I’d need quality (stereo) microphone and recording hardware, either one piece or a cheap recorder plus a quality (stereo) preamp.

It doesn’t have to be pristine, but I’ve done this before, many moons ago, and the line noise was an issue. It’s a lot of time investment to figure out what hardware I need and then $$ to actually get it. I’m not poor (my first 168hp are nearly full), but I’m not sure this is the right direction for me.

There are certainly a lot of products. I see Zoom has a stereo mic that plugs into an iDevice.

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