Geodesics Energy: Ring Modulation Oscillator Review

9 July, a year ago, I registered VCV Rack Ideas channel on Youtube. I started to do some tips n tricks on synthesis with VCV Rack and upload they as videos.
This video is my comeback to the roots. And I chose Geodesics Energy this awesome module (which is brand new in VCV Rack v1) that blew my mind with unbeliveable ring modulation possibilities!

Here you will find 18 minipatches that can demostrate you what Geodesics Energy can do (raw sound, no effects used, only modulations).

So cool! Thanks Artem, and congratulations on the 1 year anniversary of your channel!

The first segement I like a lot, and there’s an amazing drone opportunity with the one at the 10 min mark.


thanks for the feedback Marc! the module is purely amazing, I like this handy input vactrol like VCA concept and paraphony concept of ring mod is superb awesome!

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Nice demo Artem, thanks!

Thanks for your work, I have gotten a lot out of a couple videos you posted which I followed step by step to try and duplicate your patch. I hope to check out more in the future, you and Omri are inspiration for us all to do our own . great VCV patches and performances.

I will check out your Energy review now, I haven’t explored it much, I have never been a huge fan of ring modulation, but for sure Energy is more than just that. The Geodesics modules are more and more goto modules for me whenever I get patching, and I even went and bought the Stellare modules which I also love.