Generative patch in VCV Rack - Hindsight

(Omri Cohen) #1

Well, it all started with Una Corda. I loaded it up in VCV Rack using VCV Host, and used a burst module to trigger it and send it pitch information. I got instantly inspired and started adding more voices, but I knew that this patch will play by itself, so I’ve used the Midilar controller to tweak a few things to the point they sounded good to my ears and left it to run by itself. I have to say, I still cannot believe I can control and sequence instruments like Una Corda with VCV Rack… Absolutely amazing!

(Lars Bjerregaard) #2

Wow Omri, fantastic sounding patch there! :heart:

(Omri Cohen) #3

Thanks so much, Lars! It was a fun one to make :slight_smile:

(Benjamin Dauer) #4

So good! Will you be sharing the patch for this like you’ve done for your others? :slight_smile: Us n00bs enjoy digging into expert files to learn.

(Omri Cohen) #5

Thanks so much, Benjamin!
I’ll consider sharing the patch, sure. The problem is, I’ve used 4 instances of Host with Una Corda and Various effects…

(Benjamin Dauer) #6

Fair enough. I do own Host and Una Corda so I’m at least part of the way there ha ha Cheers!

(Omri Cohen) #7

Oh that’s great! I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:

(Jim Frye) #8

This is really nice Omri. As I said on youtube, my favorite from you so far. Well done.

(Omri Cohen) #9

Thanks so much, Jim!