General Layouot

(John Wise) #1

Please remove the left column where categories are listed visually and just have the drop down categories shown up above forum messages.

Then add category to the forum message itself that is listed on the home page, as does Lines and Orthogonal Devices.

(Patman / NYSTHI Manual) #2

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(Jason Wehmhoener) #3

You can click your user icon in the upper-right corner, then click the gear, then click “Interface” in the left nav, then change “Default Home Page” to “Latest”. This achieves what you want. Works in any DIscourse forum.

(John Wise) #4

Funny…we appear to be on all the same forums.

(Alessandro Bonino) #5

I have set the layout exactly as on lines, OD, Axoloti and mutable forums, just as @jasonw22 said. Btw, hello :grinning:

(Matthew D Gantt) #6

noted all above, and ha truu! happy to see some Line’s folks here as well.

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