Gate from Quantizer

Hi! I started using the new Quantizer module. Is there a way to generate gate signals every time the note changes?

What new Quantizer module?? There will be something triggering note changes why not use this trigger?

The Fundamental VCV Quantizer module. I´m feeding it with an lfo signal and would like to trigger an ADSR with every new note

repelzen re-trig works for that

i would also recommend taking a look at the repelzen re-win quantizer :wink:

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Ah nice @ablaut, there’s me trying to figure one out with a comparator and pulse generator :sob: Works on the way up but gets screwy on the way down for Tri/Sin, Saw wave is okay.

Yeah Repelzen Re-Trig works very well for this!

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Great! I´ll give it a try. Thanks!

another module that can do this is orange line “fence”, or the quantizer from holonic systems “lazy susan”

Also the Quantum module from ML_Modules does that.

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nysthi::THECAGE quantize and generates trig-gate-bridge-switch-multiplex

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