FX Patch

Any joy with the crazy FX morphing patch? Let me know if you need anything explaining. I’m also working on a much simpler patch to demonstrate the concept, can upload that one soon :wink:

Where can I find this


This post has surprisingly little context. Can you explain what you mean by this post? Maybe a link to Patchstorage or something?

I can help. I think this post is implicitly referenced, and the 3rd post below it, linking to patch storage.

Thnx! I could never have guessed that from this post.

Maybe a mod can add this info to the original post, and change the title to Morphing FX instead?

(at least that’s the name of the patch. FX Patch is so generic it’s kind of meaningless).

Wow, this went all kinds of wrong. Actually meant to be a PM to Ady34, somehow ended up as a new topic! Jens is correct, I was asking Ady how he was getting on with the FX morphing patch. Unfortunately I don’t have permission to delete this topic. Probably best if an admin can just remove it, if possible.


Haha, I’m also sometimes confused with the discourse UI (coming from classic webforums … everything is a little different)

Yep, certainly confused me somehow. Incidentally, here’s a simpler version of the patch I mistakenly posted about! :slight_smile:

The idea is to crossfade between four different effects with the Vector mixer, and there’s a matrix mixer to select from one of four modulation sources (LFO. random, sample and hold, envelope follower). All of this, plus other parameters such as LFO speed, delay times etc are all controlled by Transit. Selecting a different ‘scene’ blends from one set of parameters to the next over 10 seconds.

Back in the dim days of v1 i did a thing where i made a delay morph between a normal delay effect and flanging.

Yep that’s how it started really, just modulating delays to make chorus and flange effects. I discovered that using more than one delay module and experimenting with different types of modulation produces some unexpected sounds. A few years later with v2 and faster computers, and it’s got a bit silly! (16 delays, 16 phasers, stereo EQ/Satanauts and 16 channels of modulation) :slight_smile:


portland weather emulation? :wink:

Ha, not exactly but I do have other patches with delays through filters. That’s always fun too!