Fundamental Voice with cool characteristics.

Sometimes things complicate themselves, from the simplest origins.

  1. I started with a test of something I saw on facebook. It’s a synth voice with Fundamental modules
  2. The Fundamental VCF makes a pretty OK low pass gate, when you modulate the cutoff with an envelope.
  3. Oh so really I want a second envelope to modulate the VCA, because when you close a Fundamentall VCF all the way it seems to still pass a sub-audible signal.
  4. And use a 3rd Fundamental ADSR, and use that as a gate instead of the trigger. The envelope decay determines the gate duration.
  5. It should be stereo. So add another VCO and VCF.
  6. Add a Fundamental VCF to add slew to the quantized Pitch CV so you get slide between notes.
  7. Oh yeah, modulate the cutoff of the VCF on the Pitch CV with Frozen Wasteland BPM LFO, so the slide effect changes. And if you turn up resonance on the VCF, it will eventually make it go out of tune, but there’s a small range where it just does interesting things to the pitch.

The other fun thing I did was use two Robotic Bean Clappers. Pass the gate through AS SIgnal Delay, so that you get a flamming effect, with one clap happening a short time after the other. And just to keep things interesting, modulate the delay time so the two claps shift in and slightly out of phase with each other.

2021-04-01.vcv (346.6 KB)