Frozen Wasteland's Seriously Slow LFO doubling duration?

Is duration being doubled? This is after five minutes…

What platform are you on? It definately takes twice the indicated time to cycle on windows.

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Windows. Thanks.

I’ll take a look. There is a bug where the month duration is 1/10 as long as it should be (missed a 0!)

GitHub is the best place to raise issues like this :slight_smile:


@almostEric I’ve found a bug in the 10.000 years loop, was a couple of minutes longer than expected after the test of course I was back in 2020, just after 1st covid wave !


yeah, noticed that too :frowning_face:

On a serious note, i guess using the sample rate to reliably calculate time doesn’t work very well in rack 1.0. Specifically if there is not an audio output module (or there is not an active device selected in the audio output module) each module’s process method gets called ~2x the sample rate (there is another thread about this here).

I didn’t realize this during my testing and noticed that the clock was running twice as fast so I added 2x compensation, but it turns out as soon as you start using this module in a working patch, it is now 3x too slow. Even worse, as you change sample rates it does all kinds of crazy things

Anyway, next release takes out my 2x compensator so at least it will work as best it can under the circumstances and we can all look forward to v2 of Rack


It’s great that you’ve fixed the timing for seriously slow LFO but I think you might have broken the phase knob. I use that feature all the time to check what kind of interactions I’m going to get with different values and to start the phase in different places so it breaks some of my pieces. (Windows 64 bit v1.1.6).

yep, will be fixed asap

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I just noticed that the Unipolar/Bipolar switch is also not working. I wonder if it was already not working (in which case I’m sorry for not testing it)?

Why is that different and has no bi/uni switch? I can’t even figure out how to start it. Windows 10 and both versions shown are the same version (1.16.5).

@darkprognosis The left one and the right one are two different modules. Also, read the unit labels on the right (white) one. That should tell you why you don’t see it moving.

I just noticed that as I was coming in here to change (edit) my message. How do I change that time base from years to minutes?

NVM, I found it. What was throwing me is the one on the right is what every youtube video was showing but had the timebase of the one on the left (the reason I caught the minutes vs years I was coming in here to fix). Turns out the blue one is what I am after so I am not sure how the videos from 2017+ had white with minutes.

Thank you.

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Eric changed color schemes at some point in the last couple of years and added the polarity and phase knob to the one which people use. The other one is just a joke and hasn’t changed in the intervening years.

The CDC version will get updated next century.


or maybe with VCV v2.



just wait for it to go through a full cycle on it’s longest setting…

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