Frozen Wasteland Seriously Slow EG, unwanted outup


While trying to create a patch with grains of wrath I stumbled upon some strange behaviour from the seriously slow envelope generator. I inserted several of them into the patch to do some mixing (fading in & out) and upon opening the patch again this afternoon three of them gave an unexpected output for the envelope. (see screenshot, the voltmeter on the right). I don't think this is as expected from the module..

I had used the module before without any problems, but in this patch things turned ugly. In the next stage of the patch it got even worse with the eq master of mindmeld having it's spectrograph freezing and the output of one of the oscillators going totally bonkers.

To be perfectly honest I don't know what causes the problem. A combination of things, I suppose. But removing the sseg from the patch seemed to have solved the issue, so I'm guessing...

Hope you don't mind me raising this issue.

Thnx in advance. Enjoy.

If you want or need the patches, just let me know.

Hi, sure send me the patches - for things like this, reporting an issue in GitHub is a better way to go :wink:

I'll guess I'll have to subscribe to github sooner or later.

Anyway. Here's the pathches:

Test Grains of Wrath 0-1 Prob 1.vcv (335.3 KB)

In this one things are still more or less usable. In a couple of the grains of wrath I loades samples I made myself, but I don't think you'll need those. If you do however I'll have to find some way to drop them where you can download them, or I can send them via wetransfer or something.

Second patch:

Test Grains of Wrath 0-1 Prob 2.vcv (345.4 KB)

This is where thing really start going out of whack.