Frozen Wasteland 1.20.3

Latest release of Frozen Wasteland adds BPM mode to the BPM LFOs, so you can now use the output of say, Clockd, to control the tempo (but any voltage source works).

With this release, I will now be stepping away from VCV development, unless v2 ever gets released.

Been feeling pretty unwelcome in this community lately, so I think I’ll just go and play guitar for a while.

Later :slight_smile:


Thanks Eric for the update!
I think your Frozen Wasteland collection is one of the most underrated plugins in the VCV Library, so thank you for giving us these amazing toys to play with! For free I may add… :heart_eyes: :+1:


For the record, I love these modules, especially the Seriously Slow series


Well I always enjoy your work on these great modules and always try to be welcoming and understanding. You are a valuable member of this community, don’t leave!!!

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Yes, this is probably my most used collection lately. QAR + Battery/DrumComputer/Digitakt is a revelation.


Don’t leave us … too long. You are a valuable community member, also for me as a bloody VCV Rack beginner. Btw, I often play guitar … it’s good for the soul :sunglasses:

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I welcome you and your modules. I think you come across as a bit sarcastic sometimes but I don’t feel that most of us care.

I always like seeing you around here and in the Discord. Thanks for the update and for the amazing modules. Be well, Eric.


Dude I am really upset that you, or anyone, feels unwelcome in this group. Given all that you have created for this community I find this very upsetting. I guess you find idiots everywhere.


No, don’t go! Just out of interest, why are you feeling unwelcome, did I miss something? BPM LFO is fantastic, so is the rest of the Frozen Wasteland colection. And does this also mean no more Frequency Domain modules too? Argh.

P.S. If you do anything involving guitar and VCV please post it up somewhere so we can listen :wink:

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Your modules are great. I hope you can find it in yourself to come back, take less notice of what is bugging you. Any community goes through a lot of changes and members come and go. But with out members like yourself VCV rack would not be what it is nor would the community. Take care and enjoy your time off.

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“I will now be stepping away from VCV development, unless v2 ever gets released.”

You’ll be welcome back in November then :wink:


Hey all! Im sorry for dumb question but where can I get up-to-date version of FW modules for win10 that work on VCV 2? ) I love those modules so much!

They are in the library, version 2.0.2



I’m having issues with the QAR V2 and Bitwig. As soon as i’m trying to launch play and when the plug-in window is closed or not visible (other track selected), the VCV plug-in crash.

Has someone experienced the same problem ? Thxs.

Which version of Rack are you using? Have you tried a more simple patch to test? I just tried with Midi>CV’s clock going to QAR and launched an empty clip and it doesn’t crash for me. Does this crash for you?

I also tried this configuration : no other module than a Midi>CV’s clock and QAR, and one single track in Bitwig. I’m using the last version of Rack 2.0.3b. Same error.

Is there anything in Rack’s log? There was a change with one of the recent versions which should allow the details to be shown there.

I didn’t found error mentions in the rack log related to QuadAlgorithmicRhythm.

Is there a log file in Bitwig where i could eventualy find something ?

I’ll certainly take a look