Fretless bass

Anyone have a basic fretless bass patch or suggestions on how to go about creating one?

I guess using glide(portamento) is the way to go. Then you can use any bass sound you want and it’ll sound like a fretless bass / bass played with a slide.

FM all the way to get that pwaah sound.

Found an old patch of mine, when I was trying to understand the OP and EN modules from NYSTHI resaved for V1 tell me what you think…

FretlessBassFM - 29112019.vcv (43.9 KB)


I was about to say I want something like Surge Flute 2 but bass, then I found Surge E Bass. Surge rocks.


Nice sound. I put the bass alone with slews for pitch and gate, and a bit of chorus.

FretlessBassFM - 29112019 - fork.vcv (9.3 KB)

I like it :+1: but its not that clean , hows this :

FretlessBassFM - 29112019-2.vcv (19.1 KB)

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