fresh installation ... fresh start ... no sound at all

Hi there, i installed the VCV rack 2 for the first time. In found the audio device seting … and changed to any available option - but I did not hear any sound at all.

I have just the fresh patch running … i see some connectors blinking … but how on earth do i get some sound to any of my speaker/soundcards? …

ps. I am a newbie …

You need to have something like this, with:

  • a sound source (a VCO in this case) plugged into:
  • an Audio module, with:
  • an Audio Driver selected (see the checkmark on the right) and:
  • an Audio Device selected, and:
  • some valid options for the sample rate etc.

…and your output device needs to be switched on. :slight_smile:

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It was just the red cable (virtual one) … that was missing. It is really tricky to find that out without help … thanks!

Now I have a wonderful disturbing “pink noise” … or something else … :wink:

… i will try to change other cables … and create other sounds … It is not easy to understand what causes which effect …

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Perfect, that sounds very helpful. I can really report that it gives a feeling of helplessness … to see all modules … and having no glue at all what to do with it …

p.s.: I am in this sound stuff, but I have no education in making music at all. In my school career it was more painting and artwork … Thanks a lot!