Frequency changing

Does someone know a polyphonic module that can change the frequency of a wave, not changing the wave shapes of this one?

I guess all the good VCOs are 1) poly and 2) able to change frequency without changing “waveshape”

Or are you looking for something else ?

Maybe you want a VCO able to change Harmonic content, without changing FREQ ?

What you are asking for doesn’t really make sense (I know what this relates to from your other thread)

In order for a module to speed up the frequency of a wave produced by another module, it would need to either analyse and reproduce the incoming wave or record/sample it and play it back faster or slower. Or possibly make a wave table out of it…

The problem with any of those approaches is that they are not real-time - if you have sampled the incoming wave and the wave changes, the sample has not changed.

The module you are thinking of would need to be ‘magic’ in that it would need to know that the incoming wave was going to change, and how, before it happened. You’d need a time machine.

I think you need to find a VCO that has features closest to what you want and work with that… I can’t see how trying to speed up the wave generated by FN-3 would work in real-time.

reminds me of this NEGATIVE DELAY - YouTube