Frequency band filter blocker?

There was a module on VCV 1, I think called Party Block, and it was a “filter” blocker where frequencies above x and bellow y where not only attenuated, but totally blocked. I dont know how this type of filter is called or how to find on VCV 2. Thanks for helping :slight_smile:

That’s what a bandpass filter will do, although this one sounds special. Most regular BP filters will roll off at 12 or 24 db / octave outside the pass band.

Maybe this ?

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oh, nice!

“A brickwall filter. Uses FFT to cut frequencies. It is more an effect as a filter … The fft size which determines the latency can be configured in the menu.”

This filter is incredibly addictive. I love running a couple of them in parallel, each set to a different octave range, and switching between them.