Frame rate not visible in V1.1.5 (MAC)

Hi Guy, i’ve just updated to the latest verion of Rack and now getting more glitches than I’ve experienced before. Also, its crashing and having to restart. read the changelog and it appears you should be getting the Frame Rate in the Engine dropdown menu but I cant see it at all. Nor is it visible in the .json file as before.

How can I rectify this?

The frame rate control should be in the View menu.

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Ah ha… found it… seems to have sorted the issue at least it’s not crashing now. Thanks.

Fixed typo in changelog. The correct menu item name is “View > Frame rate”, not “Engine > Frame rate”.

Also just so you know, bugs won’t solve themselves. You need to report them properly starting with, or they’ll exist forever.

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Will forward any bugs to the link you’ve provided. I’m still fairly green with the Rack ecosystem. Thanks for the info Andrew :wink: