Formula plugin ported to V1.0

In case you don’t follow the Facebook group: I ported my Formula plugin to Rack V1. New repository:

Now the plugin is named “FrankBuss” and the module “Formula”. This breaks old patches, but can be fixed easily in a text editor. This part in your .vcv files:

      "plugin": "FrankBussFormula",
      "model": "FrankBussFormula",

has to be replaced with this:

      "plugin": "FrankBuss",
      "model": "Formula",

and then it should work. The rest is compatible. It supports polyphonic cables as well. The reason for the name change is that I plan to write more modules, so it is best to collect them in one FrankBuss plugin. Looks like one of the VCV Rack core team members checked it, so I guess you can select it on the plugins page when VCV Rack V1.0 is released.


I guess that might be little annoying. I have quite a few instances of Formula in a couple of patches. Thanks for the work though.

If you have Perl installed (free for all operating systems), you can enter these 2 lines from a console to convert all your .vcv files in the current directoy:

perl -i -pe 's/"plugin": "FrankBussFormula"/"plugin": "FrankBuss"/g' *.vcv
perl -i -pe 's/"model": "FrankBussFormula"/"model": "Formula"/g' *.vcv
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