Forgive the traitor


This patch that I am up loading was something I had just did on the fly on my jobs laptop. The patch is causing my Laptop to choke. So I want to share and give it to anyone system is strong enough play it and flip it.

Forgive the traitor.vcv (54.2 KB)

I haven’t a laptop, but with my PC your patch use 12% of CPU (not a big deal). See graph…

My jobs laptop got so much security on it, unthinkable some of the background programs eats up a lot of system resources.

Well, it depends on the security programs installed. I have always active: F-Secure, Antimalware Bytes and FortiClient network access control, but they are very “light”.

My job uses Norton Symantecs stuff. It is heavy on resources.

Oh… God. A real bolder (heavy rock, i hope). :slight_smile:

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BOULDER… checked…

here on my ryzen 1700x it uses about 5 - 6-% cpu, but I have only defender and chrome running in the background

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