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My first patch is a very simple patch. I just started using VCV Rack a week or two ago. I would love feedback (ha!). Specifically if you could add one module to this patch that makes it better, what would that one module be?



I played a bit with it and I added

first: stoermelder MB for a better module browser (this I use in every patch)

second: a bit rougher crush by Hora Vacuumba (combined with stoermelder Mirror to have it in stereo)

third: some room with Plateau

I muted the aux in at the BusDepot so you need to unmute it first

debris_rsmus7_edit.vcv (15.9 KB)

my additions make the patch a bit rougher and darker, no idea if you like it

and here in V02 I added also Impromptu Clocked and Mockba SHeight for some more variations

debris_rsmus7_edit_02.vcv (21.7 KB)

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I really like what the Vacumba is doing. I’ve not used that mod before. I turned up the asym full on the first one. Very nice.



Anyone like noise?


Rhythms in chaos


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I find cybernetic algorithms fascinating