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My first patch is a very simple patch. I just started using VCV Rack a week or two ago. I would love feedback (ha!). Specifically if you could add one module to this patch that makes it better, what would that one module be?



I played a bit with it and I added

first: stoermelder MB for a better module browser (this I use in every patch)

second: a bit rougher crush by Hora Vacuumba (combined with stoermelder Mirror to have it in stereo)

third: some room with Plateau

I muted the aux in at the BusDepot so you need to unmute it first

debris_rsmus7_edit.vcv (15.9 KB)

my additions make the patch a bit rougher and darker, no idea if you like it

and here in V02 I added also Impromptu Clocked and Mockba SHeight for some more variations

debris_rsmus7_edit_02.vcv (21.7 KB)

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I really like what the Vacumba is doing. I’ve not used that mod before. I turned up the asym full on the first one. Very nice.



Anyone like noise?


Rhythms in chaos


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I find cybernetic algorithms fascinating

I am trying to improve my productions, so here is something for fresh starts…

There’s a lot I am copying from @VCVRackIdeas , @Omri_Cohen , Jakub Ciupinski, @ablaut, and lots of others.
I was able to make the video entirely in vcv-rack, thanks to the VCV Recorder module and to a pile of amazing modules from @stoermelder. I just sat back and pushed keys on my keyboard to start the clock, raise the faders, turn up the lights, show the cables, zoom into the scope, and bring things to an end.

I am also using the @diimdeep fork of vcv-rack for macos, with his realtime audio improvement, but also the nice option to hide port lights.

Thanks, everyone!


Hey, that’s great! Reminds me of Terry Riley a bit

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something to do during morning coffee

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using the new Collider module from Sha#Bang!

this morning trying out some modules I never used before including the new Rhodonea.


This piece is based on @Omri_Cohen’s latest fixed rack youtube video


Madness! Nice!

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