FLAG (free) Stems (Multi Channel Wav/Flac Stem Player with High-Quality-Resampling)

I use dr wav, but did not know about the other. Cool.

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oh, yeah, here’s the one I used. Seems it doesn’t have much restrictions either. perhaps I was thinking about libnsd.

### xiff flac codec ###

Copyright (C) 2000-2009  Josh Coalson
Copyright (C) 2011-2016  Xiph.Org Foundation

Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions
are met:```
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Hi @PaulPiko your ideas have finally come to life. The latest version (2.1.2) adds the following:

  1. Folder selector remembers last folder.
  2. Load individual files
  3. Flac support
  4. Support multi-channel files (only first 16 channels)
  5. Single Poly-out port per track

I also made some subtle changes:

  1. Wider threading for resampling, one thread per channel
  2. Menu option to unload all files
  3. Takes up a bit less space (because single out-port)
  4. The oscilloscope-looking visualization had changed to a simpler vu-style

Hope you like it!


Oh nice! Sounds great. I look forward to giving it a run. Thanks for your work!

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Here is a video of why I made it, and an example of what it looks like in action at the end.


This is amazing!

I would find it useful if there was a phase input to locate the playhead. It’d also be nice to have the playback control inputs be polyphonic (corresponding to tracks 1-6)

Thanks for making it!

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What are other good ways to make multitrack wav files? Could it load multiple mono files instead? I’d like to get several track applying back at once, and don’t really want to use one module for each (although that might be acceptable).

Stems can load multiple mono files. (6 of them) polyrecorder produces multi channel files.

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Yeah, I want to record some stuff in Reaper, then mangle it in VCV. Sounds like there are plenty of options, and mono wav might be the most versatile for me. tx.

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