Filter cutting out panning/stereo

Hello everyone! I’m using Vult Stable state variable filter for the whole mix and it breaks my panning set in the mixer for track 10. Seems like it’s blocking the stereo. I attach a screen. Could someone help me understand why it happens and how I can avoid it? Would be muuch appreciated <3

You’re sending the same thing to the left and right channels of Audio-8. You’d need to Split the output from Stable into separate L and R, and send them individually to the 1 & 2 of Audio 8

You could also use an AuxSpander with MixMaster, connect Stable to it, and apply it to the channels/groups you want


Use 2 instances of Stabil for the left and right channels.


like paul said :


@PaulPiko chaircrusher @Yeager thanks a lot!

I’ll try it all this afternoon