Fight Coronavirus using your CPU

My clinical rotation for school just got cancelled today. I got toilet paper, beer, bourbon, VCV, ES-9 & friends, and 7 weeks to burn before I start a new job. I’m going to do my part and fight coronavirus by staying home and making patches! I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy, & happy!


Priority is given to covid, no need to select an option. Folding@home has been here for years and has helped more than you think.

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A few years ago, just for fun I tried with another distributed computing participation, it was related to an Astrophysics project in that case. Just a curiosity, no muss, no fuss.

So this time too, I just downloaded the client and I’m going to give it a go. I usually don’t install external software on my DAW, but I thought I can keep it warm, while I am busy with my development machine for the whole long smart-working-day along.

For a prudential check, it looks like the website has a good reputation:


I quit now, going back @smart-working! :wink:

P.S. Still, I’m running it… I feel a little hazardous today…


I would be very hesitant installing such software, especially when they give BS excuses as to why they do not open the codebase “We have not outsourced the client for several reasons, relating to client reliability and other issues” (see: Such project, in my humble opinion, should be opensource by definition. The github repo you listed does not contain the code, but just the datasets.

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Yes, I’m not suggesting to install it, just sharing my experience and some infos I gathered about the project. For my part, I am simply trusting them, but it’s me. I hope I won’t have to regret it, in fact it’s virus time after all.

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Having been in High Performance Computing (HPC) and distributed computing for years, proprietary workloads are the norm. The reason is that most niche and field-specific state-of-the-art numerical libraries are proprietary, and it’s more efficient to use those instead of less performant open-source/free libraries.

Folding@home and are both legitimate organizations.