Fight Coronavirus using your CPU

Hey everyone i hope you are all staying safe. Since most if us now are on lockdown, chances are we’ll be on our computers most of the day, working, making music, gaming or watching Netflix. If you don’t use all your CPU /GPU, you can use the remaining power to help the research against Covid19 :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d gladly dedicate resources to this for 8 hours a day if it came from a Governing body. Seems suspect!

I want suggest rename this post as "corona virus thread " to publish here all the related news etc to avoid fill the forum of it

for instance the corona virus giveaway of moog and korg

Not on full lockdown yet but fairly close I’d say, here in Ireland they’ve banned mass gatherings of more than 100 people indoors and 500 people outdoors. Still people are packing out pubs here, I reckon they’ll be shutting all pubs here from tomorrow or at least enforcing the guideline restrictions. In which case there won’t be a drop of drink left in off-licences (liquor stores).

IMO a better way to use your GPU is to

  • make sure you have a GTX 1060 or better
  • buy Red Dead Redemption 2 or similar
  • play the storyline 8hrs/day until finished

This should ensure that you’re home for about 14 days without catching the disease and without losing your mental sanity due to boredom and lack of social involvement.

See for strategic advice for yourself and others.


I approve this solution too hehe

Or get a PS4 Pro & a 4K telly :slight_smile: Personally I’ll be VCV knob bothering as usual.

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There are a lot of other sources I would trust more than my governing body, in fact they would be one of the last I would trust.

Brit reporting in, wishing I were Irish.


The first chart is the second one I’ve seen by the Economist that I’ve really struggled with (although is perhaps only the second I’ve seen by them). I don’t understand what it is supposed to be representing or the numbers and time frame.

Interesting link though, thanks for sharing.

I wish I could. We’ll have to gather at school tomorrow ensuring all students will receive studying material for their time at home. Also we need to take care of those whose parents are health workers or beind employed in other sectors of critical infrastrucure.

If talking about give aways (well reduced here):

SV Modular apocalyptic sale

Well, I was talking about WHO. :wink:

Oh ok. Yeah probably right to be sceptical for sure.

It’s a qualitative picture. The time and magnitude scales depend on the country or city. Some countries are doubling cases every 2.5 days, some 3 days, and of course countries have different populations. So you’ll have to look at results from specific forecast models in your region if you want quantitative details. What the chart represents is the shape of the forecast models with and without public and private efforts to “flatten the curve”. Also what’s different per country is currently where you are on the curve.

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Taking your advice. Just installed Steam on my new computer and bought RDR2. thanks for the tip!

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If you paid full price for it you have up to 2 hours playtime and you can request a refund. Much cheaper: - can recommend cdkeys, use them regularly.

that’s pretty good.

Re-tracing your steps would be vital for authorities to contain this. That would include everything you touch, encounters with people you know or don’t know. Public transport is potentially hazardous would be good to avoid if you can. If you do have to travel outside minimal contact and keeping your distance would be best practice, but where you do have to make contact with inanimate objects or living, a good thing to do is keep a record so you do not have to remember when asked to trace your steps, obviously the best thing to do is not make contact.

If you can get a hold of any Isopropanol alcohol 70% (rubbing alcohol) this can be used to disinfect surfaces and sanitise hands. 70% evaporates at a slower rate, because of the distilled water in the remaining 30% which bonds to pathogen molecules making it more effective at disinfection. It’s price has risen over the past few weeks though so it may be expensive. Even if you don’t use it all it is very handy to have for cleaning computer / electronic components. You can also make your own anti-bacterial wipes with this using disposable towels (J-Cloths) and a zip-lock bag.

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folding@home has been around for many years. they can be trusted.


I think I have heard of something similar before see link, with the lack of a Corona option in the above your resources are probably not going to that cause. It is cynical of me, but just seems like an opportunist taking advantage of a situation. Not that it isn’t a good cause anyway. Just seems it should be more popular.

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