Feedback networks in VCV rack

Hi, for years I have been experimenting with feedback patching. Most software platforms are very much not up for the task and because of this I have been working a lot with eurorack synthesis. VCV rack however remains rather stable. And I have been able to tweak this classic patch over the course of the last two months or so. here’s a recording:


What sort of things have you patched up? I’m interested in the feedback type ideas too, and have played around a hit physically with tape and amps, but not in VCV at all. Any modules you find yourself using a lot?

Most software platforms have a latency of one buffer size, so any feedback paths are delayed by 64…512 samples. VCV has a one sample latency, so a lot of feedback things work with it.

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This is an quad patch that uses narrow band filtering for which I use a VST plugin (New Fangled Audio’s Equivocate) in fx-host. And it uses reverb from a PSP emulation of an EMT unit, also in fx-host. The rest of the patch consists of very basic modules. I tried sticking to the basic stuff and if more elaborate functions were needed (like compression to keep the patch in line) I preferred to patch them up from basic functions rather than use modules or plugins to do so. There are loads of VCV modules involved (the oscillators, the VCAs, the mixers etc) but for the ringmodulation I needed a very specific sound. That seemed only possible with Paul Bacon’s ALingADing module…

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Yes, I have noticed this is immensely helpful for patches like this!

And of course delay was important. I’m using AS signal delay in this patch.