feedback looping


Are there any downloadable templates that someone made for feedback looping? More specifically, like user robbmonn on kvraudio forum posted a few years back, he was using augustus loop:

i am using bitwig and it seems that lack of feedbacks are hardcoded in the daw, so am exploring different options how to implement it in the bitwig workflow.

any help much appreciated!

Omri Cohen did a tutorial about Valley Plateau Reverb module on YouTube and he made a looping delay/feedback set up patch to go with the video. That should give you a good start in VCV Rack anyway. Vsts -Valhalla reverbs, Shimmer and delays are all great sources of feedback loops. Hope that starts u off in the right direction. Not used Bitwig.

just patch it and try,. output to an input of a mixer,. . only watch your ears/monitors. Sangster is a nice bucket-brigade delay with it’s own internal feedback,. try modulating feedback with an lfo.

I think a lot of people use chronoblob delay since it sounds good and has I/O to make feedback patching easier. (I think, I’ve never tried this).

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Thanks a lot for the recommendations guys.