Feature suggestion: quick zoom

While the current way of zooming does work, it would be great if you could quickly zoom into different rack heights. For instance, pressing 1 on the number pad would fill the screen with 1 rack space, number pad 2 would zoom to 2 rack spaces, etc.

You could take it a step further and assign a key to quickly zoom in on the module that the cursor is over. Then press that same key again to go back to the previous view.

Not only are a lot of these modules really fun to look at, it would be nice to be able to really see what you’re currently adjusting while maximizing screen space.


It is a great feature, but the Best place to suggest a new feature is GitHub, I m not sure about if Andrew will consider a feature suggested in this forum because it don’t have the tools to develop , take care about someone not request a similar feature and open it


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