Feature request: “fixed” cables

Hallo, I don’t know if this is the best category to submit (bad?) ideas, so I try here…

I find that my patches have a lot of “fixed” cables (gates and vc/oct from MIDI, ‘standard’ internal connections between envelope generators and VCA…). Is it a bad idea to ‘define’ particular cables as ‘invisible’ so that they don’t clutter the patch? With a menu entry to switch “invisibles on/off”.

Sorry if it was already discussed or if this category is not the right one.

Thank you (VCV Rack is a FORMIDABLE piece of software!) Francesco

Here’s a fairly recent discussion:

Personally, I use the Submarine Colour thingy to black out - for instance - a massive strand of clock cables.

Oh, and welcome! :slight_smile:


Thank you Urs!

I’ll try the Submarine Colour :+1: