FamilyTool (mult-OR-switch) alternatives in VCV?

I’m trying to convince myself not to get in on this kickstarter:
FamilyTool for Mother-32/DFAM

Aesthetically it looks quite nice as a companion for my Mother-32, and there’s great functionality there no doubt. But since I have a hybrid hw/sw setup, it seems likely that I can recreate the functionality with existing VCV modules.

What would be the best module or combination of modules to get close to this?


Mults: too many, i like the Bidoo (Sigma) Multiprise for this kind of application
Anti-mults: mL Modules Sum8 (either one)

A/B Switches: umm… good luck there’s so many.

Attenuaters: Too many, but my personal fave is the AS Atnvtr (CV-able Befaco Dual Attenuverter)

Rectifiers: 2 choices. Audible Utilities (top section) or the BBI GetRekt.


great stuff to explore there. thanks!

exploring this setup for now…

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nysthi::jooper can do a lot of this stuff and is keyframe based too
it’s much more powerful about the switching an unity mix and multiplexing

is missing the attenuator part

partially you can do other stuff with with nysthi::bivio and nysthi::bridges


Well, the kickstarter appears to have failed. I could make something like this and shove it in to Skylights, but I can’t honestly say that I understand what this thing does just from reading their page.

It would be amazing if you did! Maybe if you share your confusion on what it does, me or someone else here could clarify.

The mult on the left is pretty standard - depending on how it’s patched, it can be a single 1 in 4 outs, or two different 1 in 2 outs.

The switch part isn’t too different from Synthrotek’s Either Or module. The switch for the first 4 channels is A / mute / B. For the last two channels it’s A / A+B / B (the “or” part), with A+B being a rectified sum of A and B. The “signal amount” knobs are attenuators.

The kickstarter page weirdly doesn’t have a clear view of the module. The best thing I’ve seen is the modulargrid page for it (you can zoom in on the picture).