Facing hard problem to debug: any tips?

Could it be the smoothing?

From 0.4 fixed to 0.1 immediate value?

Also, if I set the param 11 to any value( (i.e. 0.38) It pass from 0.4 to 0.38.

So it seems somethings related…

I’m setting up Linux env, trying reverse debugging, hoping in some additional Infos…

There’s another thread which I think you sre in where Marc and I talk about how Param handle seems to be the way to do this in midimap. Maybe that helps?

What do you mean with Param handle? This? Rack/include/engine/ParamHandle.hpp at v2 · VCVRack/Rack · GitHub

Not sure about those object, but they shouldn’t store any param’s value, isn’t?

the midi map object uses those to maintain references to remote modules params for read and write access. Check the discussion here

Well, I don’t deal at all with MidiMap module, so this context I think is out of the scope.

I think that (maybe) I got whats could be wrong: basically, I pq->setValue in a for loop, for somethings like 3-4 params simultaneously for the same sample.

For what I see, setParam trigger the smooothing service, and I bet doing it for many params at time (as opposite to use smooth system for just one param, due to the gui limitation) could create some sort of glitch?

It seems that using setImmediateValue (bypassing the smooth flow) works (for the test I did, the problem seems vanished),

But maybe its just a supposition, and test are just luckly right now. Did you encounter this kind of problems before?

I still don’t have a perfectly clear idea f what you are trying to do but I shared it because I thought you using param handle to write your module rather than param quantity directly could solve your problem. It’s how the midi map module modifies other params which is I think what you’re trying to do!

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Smoothing with Rack’s engine can only be used with one parameter at a time (I think because its main purpose is smoothing mouse interaction). This could definitely be the cause of jumping values, but I don’t think Rack should crash.

Never crashed: just jumping values :slight_smile: