Extratone v1.1 Plugin Updates Thread

Hello everyone,
I have recently released a plugin, Extratone. Version 1.0.0 was released in a rush just out of curiosity, but the new version 1.1.0 has three modules worth looking at:

  • Splitterburst: A temporary clock-tempo-multiplier with multiple trigger-to-gate utilities. The “step” output may be useful for snare-rushes, as there is a multiplication-level CV input. Very useful for producing Speedcore/Extratöne music too, I recommend chaining a few of these together! :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Opabinia: Bassdrum module with two envelope outputs and distortion. There was a version of this in 1.0.0 - but a lot has changed since then (please give it a second chance! :sob:). Now all the parameters may be CV-controlled and the distortion effects have been reworked. Envelope outputs make it easy to build on top of this simple but effective bassdrum sound.

  • Puzzlebox: Okay, this one is a bit gimmicky and not very musical. Making complicated racks in VCV Rack is simply too fun, so here is a module that encourages you to build unconventionally. Have your voltmeters ready!

Guides as to what-does-what on each module can be found on the Extratone website. Thank you for reading!


i made a patch with opabinia 1.0 that i really like. will this new update change/break the patch? just wondering so i can go ahead and record it before i update.

its already one of my favorites for bass.

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Hiya, It will change a if you are using the “squaring” knob, as I replaced that with more conventional clipping. I can’t imagine the change being too drastic, but to be safe I would recommend recording first. Let me know if you have any complaints/preferred the old algorithm. I’m delighted that you’ve already made use of the module - thank you so much for the kind words!

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Version 1.1.1 is here. New features:

  • Opabinia can wave-shape any incoming signal.
  • Opabinia can re-fold folded signals N times (specified by a new parameter).
  • Splitterburst has a trigger output for the end of a burst.
  • New ugly graphics.

After feedback from @persy on the previous update, I’m now trying to make sure that updates won’t interfere with existing patches.

See the manual if you’re confused by the new features.


New module: Hallucigenia.
Random Sequencer with both gates and notes. May be “mutated” by a trigger input to subject each individual step to an n% chance of randomisation. The weighting between gates-on and gates-off may also be adjusted. With the save/load inputs, you can bring consistency or long-term direction to the otherwise random patterns. As usual, check the manual if things aren’t making sense - randomising and exploring the randomised states with the ‘view mode’ parameter is a good place to start.


Another little update, 1.1.3. Now there’s sample-and-hold features built into Hallucigenia. If the S&H input is connected, then the notes being played will only update to the current step when the S&H input is triggered. With Auto-S&H enabled, the module behaves exactly like if you connected the Trig-output to the S&H-input. The two S&H features may be used simultaneously too!


Would it be possible to customize the knobs a little bit to increase the contrast?

Even something minimal like this helps a lot:


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Yes, absolutely! I’ll be occupied with exams for the next two weeks, but as soon as that’s over I will work on some new knobs. I’m very excited to work on the graphics some more, right now everything in my plugin is a visual mess haha. Thank you very much for the suggestion - your minimal edit does look much better! <3

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XTRTN 1.1.4:
New graphics on Opabinia, Hallucigenia and Puzzlebox - including new knob images and an XTRTN logo. The new labels on Opabinia should make it easier to understand, and the backgrounds are now gradients (rather than traced bitmaps), so they shouldn’t have the old nasty side-effect of slowing framerates. There are no new graphics on Modulo or Splitterburst as they will likely be replaced and deprecated before long.
Oh, btw, the website it a lot better now. It has new colours, scales better on different devices, and has an HTTPS certificate so it shouldn’t scare your browser away :slight_smile: Modules - Extratone