External GPU

Hi all.

I’m considering an external GPU such as the Razer Core X and an Nvidia card to go with it to speed up my a MacBook Pro. I’m wondering how much this will help with getting better results in VCV Rack - particularly if it will mean more modules without crackling issues.

Depends, what sort of performance do you get as it is?

Seems like a bit of an expensive solution. Desktop not an option?

No desktop not a solution at this time.

Decent performance, until a certain size of patch.

Maybe someone has the same CPU and stuff with a dedicated GPU that could be comparable in a patch. What’s your specs?

I’d be guessing, but it might not be a considerable performance increase to warrant paying for an enclosure and a card imo.

MacBook Pro 2016 model
16gB RAM
AMD Radeon Pro 560 gfx card.

I doubt you’ll gain anything at all with that combo. You gotta check what is the bottleneck in your system - most likely that’s the CPU and it’s cooling system.

Also, for the price of that Razor thing and a gpu you could assemble a desktop with a decent grown-up CPU.


You need a good GPU that handles the usual suspects like Open GL Direct X… the super 3d GPU’s that handle CUDA and the AMD version i’m not sure what it is now… when VCV rack gets modified again for GPU support its going to be a huge workload taken off the cpu. But, the problem is these real time applications tend to like cpu’s much better for some complex reason. Same with simulations unless you have some brain dead fluid stuff that needs deterministic problems solved you are toasted and stuck with the cpu. I think its a cpu / memory lover, not so much a GPU hog. but I don’t have testing to tell ya.