Experimental: Bigger Font for Menues and Menubar - obsolete

If someone is interested, I forked oui-blendish and added a hard-coded scale-factor to enlarge the font-size for menues and the menubar. So I can improve the readability on my 108dpi monitor (the font-size in oui-blendish is optimized for 72dpi).



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In Rack 2, you can edit "pixelRatio" in settings.json to force a certain UI scale. The default value is 0 which auto-detects the pixel ratio of your monitor, but here’s a screenshot with "pixelRatio": 1.5.


Tried it on Rack-2-beta-1 (Mac), works great UI wise. Unfortunately is messes up the mouse action. Rack thinks the mouse is up and to the left when dragging a slider og turning a knob, and drags/turns can have no effect or erratically turn a knob fully clockwise. Would love this to work.

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On Windows 10 it slows/scales down the effect of mouse movements on knobs and sliders.

Thanks for this, just discovered it.

Was really having an issue with reading the small text on a 4K screen from a distance.

Same on MacOS BigSur - M1 for any setting larger then PixelRatio1.0 ,it results in an offset to the left.
I reported this “bug” today.

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