Experienced developer

How do I start helping with development?

I’m and experienced programmer and have some time available.

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Over at surge-synthesizer.github.io we are working on restoring and releasing the surge digital synth which was opensourced in a half-way-to-new-version state in September of 2018.

We have the VST/AU version in good shape but there’s lots of work on that, and we’ve started a project to deploy it as modules into rack (https://github.com/surge-synthesizer/surge-rack) which needs quite a lot of dev.

If you are interested in working in a friendly polite and cooperative group on that project and are OK working on GPL3 open source software etc… we’d be happy to have more hands in the code. DM me or pop up in our slack (which you can find out about on the website) if you want. And especially if you are a windows dev, both the VST version and the Rack version could use help from people with deeper windows experience.

You can design your own plugin, perhaps with another graphic designer, or help another developer with their plugin, such as migrating to v1.

If you’re interested in working on upstream open-source projects, there are some issues in Rack’s wishlist in GLFW and nanovg.

@Vortico How do I view the rack wish list? Do you have a link?

@baconpaul I’m an embedded developer with dsp experience and some OS X will get slack and ping you there

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I only have a very general wishlist which includes