Expanding Horizons - jerrysv

Some playful experimentation with modules, either new or upcoming.

DrumKit Baronial in use, along with Tine from CharredDesert (not yet released).

Portland Weather to provide some ambiance, along with Vult Rescomb and CharredDesert Carbon to consume the output of Tine.


some more fun with some DrumKit Pro, and Alchemy.

another variation, same theme:

modules used:

  • Alchemy - Synthetic
  • Eastside - Synthetic
  • Smoke - Southpole
  • Kick+ - DrumKit Pro
  • Snare+ - DrumKit Pro
  • Open HiHat - DrumKit
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some noisy noise.

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Some time under headphones exploring sweeps with Tuffet.

A single ramp VCO voice fed into Tsunami, a wave shaper/multiplier, fed into Tuffet and a Chorus.

Only wet/dry mix of the chorus, and Acid, Lactose, and Frequency of Tuffet along with its wet/dry mix.

Main modules used:

  • Tsunami, Charred Desert - wave shaper/multiplier
  • Chorus, Synthetic FX/Synthetic FX Free - chorus module
  • Tuffet, Synthetic FX - effect module

The VCO is my personal low cpu oscillator, the scope shows the results of the wave shaper/multiplier.

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