Expanders across Plugins?

Thanks for the insight. What is it I ought to make static? My understanding is dynamic_cast isn’t the most performant operation so if there’s something I ought to make static I’d be interested in knowing. It’s limited to onExpanderChange so that ought to keep it from being called frequently.

sorry i didn’t mean static as in C++ static. I meant “static as in you never change your header declaration again”. So like if you have module A and B collaborating via dynamic cast to Foo* then Foo* is fixed

This is why COM ends up with interfaces like IDirectWriteFontFactory7 since the mutation is just a new interface always

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I thought the question was about getting pointers directly to two modules and trying to tickle their insides. I know the expander api is correct. Fwiw, I’m pretty sure I had expander modules available before 1.0 shipped. Looking back at the post I was replying to, think they were in fact discussing having one module directly talk to another.