Expander connection status demo

Playing around with the expander stuff. There’s some great info on this board from everyone, which is great 'cause it takes a bit of head spinning to wrap your head around it. I was trying to think of a way to show not only that modules use expander (require, in my oddball case) but the status of the connection. I liked @carbon14 's directional arrows on the sides showing that the modules could be connected. Built on this a bit to make them into rgb lights to message status. I’ve yet to see if I can add tooltips but that’d be a good step to giving info on status.

Actual use case: modules map to real physical hardware. Expansion is right-to-left, with the primary/audio out on the right. The stop light status will be intended to show (A) whether the module is part of an expansion (B) if the VCV module is found in the hardware (ie- you can’t just instantiate ten rack VCOs, they need to be physically present). So the first VCO module connects, show green. The second VCO, when it connects, is not present in hardware so the connection shows yellow. I’ve got to put some more thought in how effective this might be to the end user. And still got to redo the layout, which is completely blah right now.