Exact recreation of hardware modules

I couldn’t find anything in VCV library that is similar to Noise Engineering’s Numeric Repetitor. Is it okay for me to recreate it for VCV? (I want it to be GPLv3) What’s the approach one needs to take when cloning hardware modules in code?

Link to module: https://www.noiseengineering.us/shop/numeric-repetitor


VCV Plugin Ethics Guidelines

  • You may not clone the brand name, model name, logo, panel design, or layout of components (knobs, ports, switches, etc) of an existing hardware or software product without permission from its owner, regardless of whether these are covered under trademark/copyright law.

It is recommended to follow these guidelines for all plugins, but you are not legally obligated to do so. However, it is a requirement for:



You can make something that does a very similar job, just don’t clone the items mentioned in the ethics guidelines without permission.

Why are you asking this here? Noise Engineering doesn’t read this forum.

It’s not about one specific hardware vendor or another. It was a generic question which I got the answer for from Ben and Steve.


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