Event Launcher

Hello rackheadz! :smiley:

I made a small “event launcher” I want to share here.
It is pretty simple but I find it quite useful, let me explain how it workls.

A pulse generator send a signal that increment the counters of the AS LaunchGate and the KillGate.
The KillGate is used to both keep the event active and kill it after “n” period of time set in the KillGate itself.
The LaunchGate is used to keep the event idle.

Once the Gates reach the counter limit, they reset themselves.

The KillGate receive the input from the event that needs to be launched and halted after the “n” period of times (in my patch, a square wave, obviously! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: )

Tweaking the knobs, it is possible to set the duration of the event and the idle time. Very handy!

A Bernoulli Gate can be put in series to give a randomness to the whole process.

As I said, I think it’s pretty useful and it was funny to concoct such a small automated switch!

I hope you enjoy it! :smile: event_launcher.vcv (15.1 KB)