Es9 and VCV plugin

Ive had the expert sleepers ES9 for a few years and would often run Rack is standalone mode, and use the ES9 to create hybrid HW SW patches. Recently ive been using the VST Plugin inside Ableton which makes life so much easier on every level and its damn near perfect in terms of sync, recording, sending midi and CV from ableton to the plugin…

BUT… I own alot of really nice hardware which id like to integrate into the setup without having to run rack in standalone. If i load VCV rack plugin, the default audio driver is DAW. I tried to load a second instance of Audio 16 and then use the ES9 drivers on it to send CV and gates to and from the HW. But even though it is possible to load a second Audio 16, i cant choose Asio at all as a driver (presumable the DAW has the asio driver locked up) , and i defintely cant make the ES9 the second driver.

Ive seen threads pointing towards Silent way plugins, could someone pls explain how this might solve the problem? Or if anyone has another work around they could offer?


I’m having the exact same issue - I’ve tried using ASIO4ALL but makes no difference.

I have the ES-8 working with Bitwig, UA Apollo Duo, and my Eurorack setup using the Asio4all setup, but I’m on vacation right now and won’t be home for a few days to look at the specifics to see if I can share something with you. If you don’t hear from anyone before Tuesday, poke me and I’ll see if I can offer any help.

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Please see below: