ES-8 long gates and block size issue


I was trying to play around with the ES-8 and a Bastl grandPa, sampling a 5s sample. However, I noticed that my sample kept starting over without running its entire length, at very fast rates.

If I then took the grandPa out of the equation, and just patched the gate output straight back in and scoped it, I noticed that the signal gets chopped quite a lot:

If I increase the block size, the choppiness gets to be less, but it never goes away.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this ?

I already patched my usb cable directly into my PC instead of through a hub, closed all other applications made sure my drivers for the es-8 are on the latest version (4.82)

Any help would be much appreciated, grtz

Some more info: If I try and use the WASAPI ‘Speakers (ES-8) (1-2 out)’ interface (which is the only one with outs), I can only get 2 of the 8 outputs to work in VCV, which is a shame, and if I then use a seperate audio-8 and select 'Line (ES-8) (1-8 in), it does work without choppiness.

So it seems that either I only use 1/4 of the outputs (which is a shame for a pretty expensive module), or can’t use it at all…

Hi. Using multiple Audio-modules is not supported in Rack v1 and I’m surprised it does even work like shown in the screenshot.

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I have read it here and there, but on ubuntu 16.04 sometimes it works (tried before reading obviously…)

Hi, thanks for the helpful replies, I already got a lot further because of your suggestions:

If I specify just one audio-8 and use the ASIO/Expert sleepers USB combo, I do get rid of the glitchiness, but I do have to reserve one output to directly jack my headphones into. (So I can still use 7 out of 8 for signal flow, which is better than 4 :slight_smile: ) I would have thought that through the ES-8’s USB connection I might be able to send audio to my pc (for recording into Ableton for instance), but I don’t seem to get that working properly: I have to set my audio in ableton to the ES interface, to be able to record, but then I don’t hear it on my speakers. I have to switch the interface back to my directx driven speakers to hear it.

I’ll dig some more and let you know if I find a solution.


The second link includes mostly nonsense, sorry. Windows has no limitation that only one audio device can used simultaneously. Such behavior is caused by the audio device driver and not by the operating system.

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Granted. It’s an oversimplification of a windows issue. In my case, I’m currently unable to send audio to and from the ES-8 (connected via USB) AND monitor sound directly from my PC. I added more I/O to my ES-8 and wrote off losing the 2 outs for monitoring. Besides I wanted more I/O anyhow. There are solutions that work. I didn’t feel buying another interface for my enthusiast setup.

Just found this link that provides good explanation:

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